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This event was created and inspired by the Texas Distilled Spirits Association.

Our festival will support your distillery and brands for years to come. Our event will premier the best of all the spirit categories, from whiskeys to rums, tequilas, vodkas, mescals, and absinthe, to name a few, will showcase all to an elite demographic of our Texas community. Unlike any other event, we’re here to help Texas legislation better understand your needs as a distillery. We will strengthen your distillery’s voice at the legislative level. The most iconic venue in San Antonio, the Witte Museum off-Broadway, will host the Best In Texas Spirits Festival. Our evening will feature some of the best up-and-coming culinary establishments in San Antonio, accompanied by multiple DJ areas throughout the venue, creating that ambiance we all seek.

If unsure about this process, please call us at  (210) 764-6424.


$ 1,500
  • All rideshare mentions
  • 10x 10 booth space
  • Sponsor - all social media (3 months)
  • 2 VIP guest wristbands
  • 2 general admission wristbands


$ 2,500
  • All music/dj title sponsor area
  • 10 x10 booth space
  • Sponsor - all social media (6 months)
  • 4 VIP guest wristbands
  • 4 general admission wristbands


$ 5,000
  • Culinary title sponsor area
  • 10 x 20 booth space
  • Co-title sponsor - digital ticket
  • Sponsor - select live streaming channels
  • Sponsor - all social media (9 months)
  • Sponsor - (cell phone) photo booth
  • 6 VIP guest wristbands
  • 6 general admission wristbands


$ 10,000
  • 3-month digital brand marketing campaign after the event, where we guarantee over 700.000 brand impressions
  • 10 x30 booth space
  • Title sponsor - website
  • Title sponsor - all Print materials
  • Title Sponsor- live streaming channels
  • Title Sponsor- live streaming channels
  • Title Sponsor - all social media (year around)
  • Title Sponsor - photo booth (print)
  • Title Sponsor - phone mention
  • 8 VIP guest wristbands
  • 8 general admission wristbands

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